Living a Life of Purpose

We engage in the meeting of the minds to enhance life experiences.

Let us help you bring value to what really matters.

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We are a public charity.

We provide mentoring and coaching services by giving free presentations titled “Living a Life of Purpose” in and on public venues as well as utilizing social media channels and the corporation’s website to provide information related to strategies, resources, and other related data or causes, current efforts, and solutions to enhance individual lives.

Our programs include sending out ambassadors to raise social consciousness about the cause on a local and global level, and to hold fundraising events in order to provide immediate relief and assistance to those suffering from inadequate life strategies regardless of their race, ethnicity, or religion. To maximize our impact on current efforts, we may seek to collaborate with other non-profit organizations which fall under the 501(c)(3) section of the internal revenue code and are operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes. At times, per the discretion of the board of directors, we may provide internships or volunteer opportunities that will provide opportunities for involvement in said activities and programs in order to have a greater impact on change.

LALOP is designated as a public charity.

Donors can deduct contributions.

LALOP is qualified to receive tax-deductible bequests, devises, transfers, or gifts under Section 2055, 2106, or 2522.

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We created LALOP so we could provide value to you with services, resources, and tools that connect you to future success. We started out as educators with the purpose of helping others live a life of purpose. We have continued to expand our reach by establishing a place where users and donors are able to…

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